100k Factory Revolution Review, Beta Testing Results and Bonus Master Package

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Reveal Their 200k Amazon Strategy Inside 100k Factory Revolution

Aidan and Steve are revealing the biggest mistakes people make when starting out with eCommerce inside their 100k Factory Revolution Course.After taking on involved discussions with my support team, known for working actively with well over 500 new ecommerce businesses, we came to a unanimous agreement that these are the top 5 biggest mistakes that small businesses and individuals will make whenever they open an ecommerce store. More importantly, you will also find information on how you can avoid such pitfalls, as everyone can learn from someone else’s mistakes.


Underestimating The Work

Many people go into the ecommerce field with full intentions of fast, easy money, along with the idea that you will only have to take orders and then ship product. While there are ecommerce businesses that live in the etheric cyber space world, they still need a great deal of learning, learning, and physical effort for execution, growth and maintenance.

You might think about outsourcing certain elements of your business. However, the ability to keep as much control and visibility as you can in-house will usually be the more cost effective manner, especially for the early stages. You have to understand, and also get into the mindset, that you are going to be setting up your business just like any other, with this one just being online. The chances of success will be a lot greater if you, or an important member of your team, will be intimately involved. To get a more detailed account for what is involved when setting up your online store, this ecommerce website checklist can be a wonderful resource.

No Business Plan

I do not mean a detailed 54 page document that tries to pre-empt and then solve every single issues before it even happens. I mean contemplating and then addressing the following issues:

– Know the target customer.
– Know what you are selling, as well as your market you are selling to.
– Know their problem and how you can offer a solution.
– Understand the key competitors and know their weaknesses and strengths.
– Can you fully capitalize on the competition’s weakness?
– Will you be competitive based on pricing or position?
– Be sure that your online presence highlights your point of difference.

Aidan-Booth-Steve-ClaytonAddressing all of these questions will help to form a good foundation, and the initial strategy for potential new business ventures.


We have Beta Tested This Course – Read Through Our 100k Factory Revolution Review To Get Our Results and Personal Thoughts

The idea of build it and they will come will not apply to ecommerce. Getting your ecommerce website live will just be the beginning. You also need to be sure that you have a good plan for how you are actually going to get the visitors and ongoing traffic that you desire the new 100k factory revolution review.

These are some areas that you need to consider as you dive further into online marketing:

– It is important that you put into place basic ecommerce tracking and analytics, including those like Google Analytics.

– You have to understand the difference between PPC and SEO.

– You should know the importance of social media.

– You should think about researching selling and affiliate marketing through the established third party platforms like eBay or download 100k Factory Revolution review.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, strategies for online marketing are documented well online. So, take advantage of the research of others, learning what works, and does not, for your business and the industry you are in. There will be a lot that goes into online marketing and it is crucial that you have a good understanding of all of it. However, there are certain areas that you need to outsource to other experienced professionals, especially when it comes to PPC and SEO.

Selecting The Wrong Ecommerce Platform

While working to run a successful online business, the ecommerce software that the website is built upon may either be a supportive ally or an obstacle that can torment you. If you end up making the wrong choice, it can make this entire experience very frustrating.

In general, a wrong choice would be a kind of platform that will not be suitable for your needs, is outdated, unnecessarily customized, underdeveloped, not supported professional or even put together by an unknown.

You have to establish whatever functionality you will need, both for your visitor, for the back end where management takes place and for whatever resources you will have on hand for supporting ongoing management of your website. This will allow you to determine the solution that is going to be right for you. Get more here: http://the100kfactory.com

100k Factory Revolution Master Package Bonus

These are the two primary solutions you might usually choose between:

A hosted solution for ecommerce, such as Etsy.com or Shopify.com, or a custom installation of a kind of popular ecommerce software program, such as WooCommerce, Magento, or Cs-cart and 100k Factory. The popularity and reputability will usually indicate the platform has been through a number of tests and is updated regularly. Also, you should be aware of your own abilities when it comes to technical aspects when you take into consideration the scope of the support that is available for your platform. It will often be worth paying for a higher ongoing fee to have all of the support right when you need it by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Also, be sure that your website is able to provide an optimal experience for users from the home page all the way to checkout our 100k factory revolution bonus is a user path that is one of the more important aspects of any website. Get all the details here: http://100kfactoryreviewed.com